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A promise so big and definitely rewarding that we change your perception of waste paper. To begin with all you need to do is just register your housing society with us. Then, a date is scheduled at your convenience wherein, the collection of waste paper is done within your society premise. More paper, more brownie points! Points can be redeemed with exciting products. The collection would be organized once a month. However, remember that the hierarchy remains REDUCE, REUSE and then RECYCLE! Folks it’s easy to say Go Green but, it’s easier to implement it. Take that first step towards paper recycling and leave a foot print behind! Make the beginning now and let there be no end to it.....

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Greenobin provides a customer oriented service for collection of paper scrap. We collect paper scrap from corporates, schools and housing societies, service is designed to help businesses find technology and markets for waste paper that have been traditionally classified as "Scrap". Greenobin helps individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies save resources and money. Objective of this platform is to help conserves resources, energy, and landfill space by helping individuals and businesses find alternatives to the disposal of unwanted materials or paper scrap