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Service and Tracking


Track results to show the merits of recycling and motivate employees. Achieving recycling goals, lowering costs, realizing environmental benefits, or improving participation are all opportunities to show off program successes.

Keep track - Track the amount recycled for each material

Specific information that should be gathered includes:

Quantity of recyclables collected by material - The amount is typically reported in tons, although measuring in kilograms can also be meaningful and may be more realistic for your office. Totals by floor, department, or other division may be useful.

Quality of recyclables collected - Excess contamination can cause recyclables to be unmarketable to an end-use manufacturer. Get feedback on the amount and types of contamination from the recycler. Incorporate this into the employee education program.

Communicate results

Spread the word about program achievements to:

Employees - Success is a great reward. Watching the recycling program grow, reaching goals, and creating benefits will motivate employees to participate.

The community - Announce the recycling program to the community. Show them the company's commitment to the environment. Provide regular updates about program success through media articles, local recycling events, and company outreach to the community. And, include the recycling initiative in company printed materials and on the website.

Nationally - Enter the company's recycling program in a national competition to bring additional recognition to the program's best practices and results.



Greenobin provides a customer oriented service for collection of paper scrap. We collect paper scrap from corporates, schools and housing societies, service is designed to help businesses find technology and markets for waste paper that have been traditionally classified as "Scrap". Greenobin helps individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies save resources and money. Objective of this platform is to help conserves resources, energy, and landfill space by helping individuals and businesses find alternatives to the disposal of unwanted materials or paper scrap