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Donate to NGO!


As you make an impact on the environment you could also look forward to make an impact on the lives of many people; those lives who need your support. As you exchange your waste paper with GREENOBIN, your account will be credited with certain points. These points, apart from being cashed-in with various house-hold products you can also donate it NGOs tied up with us. Helping the needy and under privileged children, working to better their world the cause couldn’t have been nobler. The ball is in your court! Every move counts here.



Greenobin provides a customer oriented service for collection of paper scrap. We collect paper scrap from corporates, schools and housing societies, service is designed to help businesses find technology and markets for waste paper that have been traditionally classified as "Scrap". Greenobin helps individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies save resources and money. Objective of this platform is to help conserves resources, energy, and landfill space by helping individuals and businesses find alternatives to the disposal of unwanted materials or paper scrap