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“Avoid legal prosecution and bad publicity for your company”

Insecure disposal methods of confidential documents leads to criminals & competitors acquiring your waste bags very easily. This source of information makes interesting reading (your customer’s names & addresses, prices, sales history, employees names & addresses, wages/salaries, medical records etc). Can you afford to give this type of information away at work or at home? Greenobin can provide the secure solution. Greenobin provide service for information destruction, confidential disposal for paper shredding.

With our shred & recycle service, we can offer scheduled pick ups to large archive collections. Providing customers with convenient and secure container options to suit individual needs and budgets.

Shredding Procedure

  • On Site Shredding

  • Off Site Shredding

“Please contact us for any shredding related enquiry. ”



Greenobin provides a customer oriented service for collection of paper scrap. We collect paper scrap from corporates, schools and housing societies, service is designed to help businesses find technology and markets for waste paper that have been traditionally classified as "Scrap". Greenobin helps individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies save resources and money. Objective of this platform is to help conserves resources, energy, and landfill space by helping individuals and businesses find alternatives to the disposal of unwanted materials or paper scrap